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Virginia Student Power Network

Founded in 2013, the Virginia Student Power Network is a growing multi-issue grassroots network of progressive and radical young organizers and activists from universities across Virginia who are building power for democratic, diverse, and accessible education in the Commonwealth, as well as social, racial, and economic justice on our campuses and beyond. We welcome young organizers and allies interested in racial, economic, undocumented, LGBTQ, women's, educational, labor, and environmental justice to join us as we build!

Following in the bold footsteps of the international student movement, we see an urgent need for nimble mobilization of youth power around issues of skyrocketing tuition, predatory student debt, decreasing accessibility, the corporatization of education, justice for undocumented youth, eroding socioeconomic and racial diversity on campuses, the precarization of faculty and campus worker labor, and keeping public education a truly public good. Moreover, right now in Virginia, our educational, reproductive, LGBTQ, immigrant, and voting rights hang in the balance, as well as our climate.

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