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All Virginians deserve access to clean, safe, and affordable housing regardless of their income, gender identity, sexual orientation, immigration status, or if they are returning citizens. We support legislation that will:

  1. Invest in more affordable housing, implement eviction prevention programs, and increase tenant protections, including rent control.
  2. Establish the source of income, gender identity, and sexual orientation as protected classes in Virginia’s Fair Housing Act.
  3. Allow tenants more time to pay past due rent before landlords can file for an eviction case.
  4. Ensure that tenants have the proper protections, including the fundamental right to live in homes that are clean, safe, and affordable.
  5. End blanket bans that prevent returning citizens from obtaining affordable and stable housing.
  6. Establish a dedicated corporate tax to help address Virginia’s housing crisis and fund affordable housing for communities vulnerable to displacement.