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Virginia Black Organizing Collaborative

Virginia Black Leadership Organizing Collaborative, VA BLOC, is based in Hampton Roads, Virginia, and focuses on building healthier communities. Led by a team of community organizers, our membership consists of everyday residents looking for ways to get involved to make positive changes in our community. As a project of New Virginia Majority, VA BLOC works in Voter Engagement, Civic Involvement, and Leadership Development. 


Voter Engagement

  • Our voter engagement efforts are based on educating, empowering, and preparing people to participate in each election. Through field organizing, community events, and workshops, we meet people where they are to help them prepare. We register them to vote, help them apply to get their voting rights restored, help them update their registration information, educate them on the options on the ballot, and help contextualize the ballot options to the issues they face in everyday life and how their votes can impact them. We also stay in touch with those we meet so that we can share important information all the way through casting their ballot. 

Civic Involvement

  • Our civic involvement efforts include teaching residents that voting is just the beginning of the work. We meet with community members and help them envision the changes they wish to see in our community and help walk them through the process of obtaining those changes. We do issue advocacy on local, state, and federal levels, lead workshops on voter engagement and advocacy, and essentially, we empower communities to stay involved in the civic process after they take the first step of voting. 

Leadership Development

  • Our leadership development includes intensely working with our members during the voting and advocacy stages to see and grow their personal power to influence change, and we work with both youth and adults.


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