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Boaz Young-El, Organizing Director

Boaz Young-EL is the organizing director at New Virginia Majority (NVM). His professional career has been dedicated to teaching working people how to utilize their strengths to improve their economic, social, and political well-being. He has worked for multiple labor unions, such as AFSCME International, UFCW Local 400, and the Virginia Education Association, and has substantial experience as a grassroots organizer, union representative, lobbyist/political representative, and union contract negotiator.

Most recently Boaz, was successful in organizing and leading over 3000 workers in Richmond, VA in a campaign to win collective bargaining rights which resulted in historic collective bargaining agreements and substantial increases for those employees.

In addition to being a dedicated husband and father of two, Boaz is dedicated to giving working families the power to change their economic, social, and political conditions to create a fairer world.