Support Immigrants Rights

We have an historic opportunity to win immigration reform.

The Senate passed a comprehensive immigration bill that includes a pathway to citizenship.

Now we need to make sure the House of Representatives does the same!

It's up to us to lift up our neighbors' voices and share our stories to ensure any reform benefits the many hard-working immigrants and families who have patiently waited so long for this moment.

Start by signing our petition for the Virginia Congressional delegation. It's a crucial time because our lawmakers have a major say in this decision.


It’s hard to leave home. Many immigrants come here looking for opportunities unavailable to them in their native countries. America has always opened her doors for people in need. We have a moral imperative to do what’s right for undocumented immigrants by giving them a chance to become full citizens.

Let your Congressman know that you support a pathway to citizenship!

The fight for immigrant rights is a fight for human rights.

It’s about restoring dignity to those living in the shadows of our society, keeping families together and protecting undocumented immigrants from exploitation.

Watch, share and sign!

There’s no other greater good than helping someone in need.

Will you sign?

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