New Virginia Majority Hubs

New Virginia Majority's Hubs

Central to New Virginia Majority’s effort to build transformative governing power is our emerging “hub” approach. Populations who are distinct because of their histories, culture, race, nationality, geography, age or station in life are constituted and organized as a hub -- or semi-autonomous project/organization. This allows those groups to benefit from central support from New Virginia Majority while simultaneously remaining deeply aligned politically and strategically and developing their own particular organizing model to build power.

Tenants and Workers United (TWU): Latinx and immigrant organizing in Northern Virginia.

Virginia Student Power Network (VSPN): Public university students organizing on 6+ campuses across the state.

Virginia Black Organizing Collaborative (VA BLOC): Black-led organizing in Newport News and Hampton Roads.

Asian Pacific Islander Civic Engagement Collaborative (ACE Collaborative): Organizing Asian groups and communities

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