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New Virginia Majority Members Support Norfolk Board of Commissioners Vote for Call Towers in St. Paul’s Redevelopment Area

New Virginia Majority
June 15, 2023

Norfolk, VA - Today the Board of Commissioners of The Norfolk Redevelopment Housing Authority (NRHA) has taken a step in the right direction and voted for the initiation of a pilot program, initiating the installation of call towers in the St. Paul’s redevelopment area. Members of New Virginia Majority and the local community have been lobbying for the call towers because it is a viable solution to over-policing in the community, improving lighting, eliminating the neighborhood fear of being singled out as the person who calls the police in an emergency, and allows access to services for those who do not have access to phones.

“It has been a long time coming, but this is a win for the residents. I hope that moving forward the people who live in this community are always considered as the experts on their situation and are valued for the wealth of knowledge and lived experience that they possess. Hopefully, this is the first of many efforts the NRHA and the city of Norfolk take towards increasing community safety,” said Monét Johnson, NVM organizer. 

To speak with an NVM organizer or to speak with a resident, contact Debra Freeman at [email protected] or 757-452-1143.


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